Sam RobertsI had an alterNATIVE upbringing and education in Devon. I Loved art, music & creative writing at school, I took Art & Design & photography at Exeter College in 1994, I got passionately into DJing then also, the 'Rave' scene, jungle Drum & Bass... That lead me to Bristol where I've been predominantly BASEd since early 2000.
I now DJ a wide variety of music,often collaborating with musicians,singers/poets/mc's. All the music i play has soul of some sort and more often then not,- BASS !! See -

I'm constantly working on art of different styles, music and film and photography.

I always loved music and sketching, often together. I'm inspired by natures forces, mountain tops, oceans, dense forests, open spaces, and wild places....People doing things for love not money who consider they are part of nature not arrogantly something else!??!

Music; Miles Davis, Hendrix, Marley, Fela Kuti, Ltj Bukem, DJ Premier and lots more...>>> Sub Cultures, Street Arts, Not corporate vultures circling on the vibrations of real Expressionism.....

Keep love in your heart look a little deeper,
move your body to the bass-line that comes out the speaker.
Don't be arrogant, don't get corrupted by the dollar,
its never to late to learn, go on be a scholar.

Keep the ViBeZ ALivE

Sam Roberts CV:
D.O.B. 15-07-77

GCSE english,maths ,science,sports, history,geography, art.
GNVQ Art & Design, Photography
NVQ video/film production/editing.

Projects / Work Experience
1995-98 farmhand Riverford Organic Farm. Devon
1998-2000 assistant chef Rumours restaurant Totnes.Devon
Horticultural assistant PSB contractors, landscape gardening, tree surgery,estate management.
2003 call centre, Dj & Bar work, decorating, delivery /warehouse.
2003 –present. self employed Artist /illustrator & DJ. camera operator & film editing.
professional painting/decorating, gardening, building

Personal Practises / Interests
I love all types of music. As a DJ I work with musicians & have played in a band.
I love outdoor pursuits; Trekking, Surfing, cycling & football.
I enjoy painting, art, photography and film.
I have a passion for the outdoors and nature generally.
I've trained in Film production and editing.
I've filmed on two trips abroad. I'm aiming to take this new found passion further.
Trustworthy, conscientious, hardworking and reliable.
I consider myself a good team member and also work well alone.
I have varied interests and passions and I'm keen to embrace new experiences.

Sam's Artworks: