Lizi JamalMy Vision: To initiate a multi-cultural, eco-arts community/village with the structure being based on sacred laws, of respect for nature, all beings, and permaculture principles ie; working with nature and not against her, earth care , people care and fair shares. A place where people, particularly young people can come to stay for periods of time to learn skills to enable them to live a more sustainable low impact life ... learning permaculture and survival skills, low impact building alongside creative arts, music and performance skills, celebrating spirituality, some counselling and non violent communication skills. Where young people can have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of the elders. A community where all life is considered sacred, and where a baby can be born in love, and we can die in love. Where we celebrate transitions.

Having studied art, art history & ceramics at school, I went on to Dartington College of Arts in 1969, where I further developed my skills in painting & textiles. I completed a cert ed course at Rolle college Exmouth, followed immediately with parenting five children. Home & alternative education diversified my interests further to include alternative forms of health care and including nutrition.

From 1987 I studied and practised co-counselling & parenting skills through the parent link network, adding yoga, dance and other movement practises to my skills base, plus drumming singing & medecine ceremony work.

In 1991 I studied and simoultaneously co-convened permaculture courses on the Dartington estate. Obtaining my permaculture design cert after co-creating the permaculture area at Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts. I continued co-ordinating for ten years 1992-2002 ... an exercise in environmental & social design.

Together with another permaculture designer & parent, I also co-created a Youth Culture Project in my home town Totnes, which I have continued to co-ordinate & develop.

I have been involved in the development of a multi-cultural organisation and its annual International Summer School of drum, dance & ceremony.

In 2002 I returned to full time education studying to complete a degree in visual and performance arts, but deferred and then abandoned it due to ill health & financial reasons.

In 2006 I completed the foundation training in N.V.C. non violent communication.

In autumn 2007 I completed the eco-village design training at Findhorn eco-village.

Am currently working on developing my project to create a multi-cultural, low impact creative living initiative, alongside making short films, working on a childrens book, and completing a book with a group of women artists.


Lizi Jamal CV:

D.O.B. 08-11-1951

A level Art, Art History, Ceramics, English. Cambridge High School for Girls.
1971: Diploma Art & Design..Dartington College of Arts.
1974: Cert, Ed. Rolle College Exmouth.
1986: Parent Link. Parenting skills training.
1990: Permaculture Diploma.
2006: Non Violent Communication Foundation Level.
2007: Ecovillage Design Training.

Projects / Work Experience

1975-2002: Full time parent of five children.
1991-1993: Co-convened Permaculture Design courses on the Dartington estate with Andy Langford, Gaia University, & George Sobol ( Internationally recognized Permaculture teachers.)
1992-2002: Initiated & co-created the Permaculture area at Glastonbury Festival of Performance Arts. (documentation available)
1993-1994: Trustee on board of management permaculture uk.
1994-1997: Co-founded Base youth Arts Coalition, Totnes. With Dr Carol Wellwood also a Permaculture designer. As a campaigning group for the provision of cultural space for youth in the town.
1993-2008: Involved with the Tribe of Doris, an International Summer School of Drum, Dance & Ceremony, contributing to the design of a successful multi-cultural annual, weeklong camping event.
1999-2002: Took on the Co-ordination of Base as a youth Arts Collective. voluntary organisation. Organised music & performance events.
2001: Initiated a Street Art project in central Totnes operating over a 6 month period. followed by cultural days in the skate park, and outreach projects to other towns.
2002: Activities had to stop as result of ill health. started to focus on plan for land project.
2008: Became trustee of Project Okurase, Ghana, to build sustainable Arts/Education centre for Aids victims.

Personal Practises/ Interests
Various Movement Practises Yoga for 24 yrs. Chi Gung. Capoiera. African Dance. Butoh.
African & Samba Drumming. Singing 20yrs.
Textiles, Making Clothes, Knitting.
Gardening. Cooking, Natural Nutrition, Herbal Medecines, Homeopathy.
Shamanic Medecine Work & Ceremony.
Documenting my project work on film.

Mandala Garden Making - My Permaculture Garden Art:

Evolve Clothing: