HannahI am Hannah, I live with my 14 year old son Josh in Easton in Bristol and work as a parent support worker for Parent Line Plus. I have 6 years experience of facilitating groups and working one to one with a diverse range of parents and their issues from pregnancy to step parenting in a wide range of settings.

I would like to run more groups and one to one sessions focusing on raising self esteem, practising positive communication skills, and supporting people to find their own path using coaching skills, active listening, Non Violent Communication skills, positive affirmations, movement and visualisations.

I have just finished training on a training parent educators course and have a greater understanding of training adults and last year I finished a HND in Dance. I am a creative and positive person I love working as part of a team of people who are working towards the same aim.

I have put on a number of community events and enjoy creating beautiful space's, I love creating art in lots of forms including film, sculpture, photography, pottery, collarge, costume, set design, music and dance. I love being with my family and friends, swimming in the sea and river and being in nature making dens, partying and spreading peace and love through out the world.