AlarikBeat Boxer, Overtone Chanter, Story teller, Carpenter, Gardener, Sculptor, Drummer, Guiter player, Didgeridoo player, and Robo Bodypopping Extraordinaire!

Creator, Inventor, Artist and Survivalist.

Other passions; meditation, contemplation in living peacefully and productively

Energetic member & sometime co-ordinator of "moor trees", whose mission is to reforest dartmoor.

A balance between living alone in nature, and living with close friends, as a community to live, work and socialise with.
A passion I persue; To be able to carry every thing I need on my back, I can mission off into the wilderness easely, knowing there is always the community of friends to come back to every day.

I think about the future, maybe taking kids out to experience wilderness, camping for sure. possibly making music, storytelling, and practicing the carefull, respectful, yet fun ways of making and feeding a campfire.

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