BA)SE Land Project
Multi-Cultural Eco-Arts Community Project.
Who We Are…


We are a small group of diverse, creative and ecologically aware individuals who have been working together for several years now as a youth arts group working initially from our home town of Totnes, South Devon, U.K.

The idea originated from my work as initiator and co-ordinator of the Permaculture area at Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts from 1991-2002, combined with co-creating the youth arts group BA)SE in Totnes. Our aim is to establish a permanent eco-arts community as a creative living initiative.

Sam Roberts

Sam RobertsI had an alterNATIVE upbringing and education in Devon. I Loved art, music & creative writing at school, I took Art & Design & photography at Exeter College in 1994, I got passionately into DJing then also, the 'Rave' scene, jungle Drum & Bass... That lead me to Bristol where I've been predominantly BASEd since early 2000.
I now DJ a wide variety of music,often collaborating with musicians,singers/poets/mc's. All the music i play has soul of some sort and more often then not,- BASS !! See -

I'm constantly working on art of different styles, music and film and photography.

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Lizi Jamal

Lizi JamalMy Vision: To initiate a multi-cultural, eco-arts community/village with the structure being based on sacred laws, of respect for nature, all beings, and permaculture principles ie; working with nature and not against her, earth care , people care and fair shares. A place where people, particularly young people can come to stay for periods of time to learn skills to enable them to live a more sustainable low impact life ... learning permaculture and survival skills, low impact building alongside creative arts, music and performance skills, celebrating spirituality, some counselling and non violent communication skills. Where young people can have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of the elders. A community where all life is considered sacred, and where a baby can be born in love, and we can die in love. Where we celebrate transitions.
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Laurie..DJ Aladdin


D.O.B. 30-04-84

Rudolf Steiner School
Landscove primary
KEVICS secondary school
SANDS Democratic School

Further Training:

Sound engineering/Music tech.
Coombeshead Newton Abbott/Deep Blue Sound.

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AlidasI have several names people have given me. But my given name at birth was Alida. This in Italian means "the little winged one". Although I'm no "angel" I love to "fly" travel around the world visiting other cultures and learning new and interesting things. some times I do my travelling in my room in Devon looking outside my window watching at the distance hill and fields that suround us...and I dream....

I dream of having my own family of beings...animals, humans and nature living together in harmony. Sharing what there is to share.

From an early age I was a natural dancer. I danced the Egyptian dance of the earth. Known in the west as "Belly dance" I was born in Egypt and grew up in an extended family untill war seperated us and we were strewn in several different continents. I was five when the first aunie and her familly left the 2clan" and life was never the same again... Read more about: Alidas



HannahI am Hannah, I live with my 15 year old son Josh in Bristol and work as a parent support worker for Parent Line Plus. I have 6 years experience of facilitating groups and working one to one with a diverse range of parents and their issues from pregnancy to step parenting in a wide range of settings.

I would like to run more groups and one to one sessions focusing on raising self esteem, practising positive communication skills, and supporting people to find their own path using coaching skills, active listening, Non Violent Communication skills, positive affirmations, movement and visualisations. Read more about: Hannah


Lucien and Josh

Lucien and Josh

Into Sports, Football, Surfing, Snow Boarding and Kung Fu.

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AlarikBeat Boxer, Overtone Chanter, Story teller, Carpenter, Gardener, Sculpture, Drummer, Guiter player, Didgeridoo player, and Robo Bodypopping Extraordinaire!

Creator, Inventor, Artist and Survivalist.

Other passions; meditation, contemplation in living peacefully and productively

Energetic member & sometime co-ordinator of "moor trees", whose mission is to reforest dartmoor.

A balance between living alone in nature, and living with close friends, as a community to live, work and socialise with.

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