Community is the universal organ that has suffered the greatest injury. It is a necessary part of the Whole that has been destroyed on a global level.

Everywhere where people were displaced, enslaved or sold through conquering wars and colonization, communities were destroyed and thus the life nerve of whole peoples.

This destruction has been raging for 7000 years, up to the present time where the last indigenous people are being expelled and destroyed in the name of economic interests on all continents.

The disappearance of the human community has caused a severe wound in the human civilisation. With the destruction of community the human being has lost his/her authentic morality and responsibility.

People have been torn from their organic communities. This has also gradually separated them from their own higher self and their higher knowledge and from the higher orders of life.

Community was and is the natural humus for trust and solidarity.

(Quote by Dieter Duhm)