How can you possibly criticise
our good honest(ha!)
christian Society..?
Modern western culture uses spirituality
when it suits,
divides,turns people
against one another in a dog eat dog,rat race.
on peoples fear and insecurity to great effect.
Fuck i
feel fuming this morning,
like the lines of self
important individuals in their fossil burning
coffins on wheels.
Their own little Shell.
Seemingly safe self
regulated atmosphere of radio stations
and other particle vibrations.
Reminding us that we're all free
and different,but the same!
Oh yeah and don't panic!
But have fear!
We need to go to war for your future my dear,
never mind that we're intoxicating our atmosphere!
"Wheels of progress" until our last breath!?!
There'll be a technological fix,
as the clock tics !! tic tic ..

Sounds like shovels digging a deeper ditch!
Castles made of sand,
righteous on stolen land??
Smells like BSE,bird flu infected slurry ,
spread to make us all worry!
"Buy buy sell sell",
hypocritical bullshit i smell!
Everyone must
get their house in order ,
and stop this greed disorder!

Realise one is only as healthy as ones environment,
we cant eat money !
Realise what is really important now!
Not when we're choking for the constant breath ,
we take for granted!
Hold your breath now. how long
before you start to feel dizzy!
Why are we fucking
with that !? Life is amazing,
a miracle. lets invest
in whats really important!
WHAT is really important???!?!
How many are clutching for basics
while figures stack up in Swiss accounts!!
For what?
A rainy day, global warming's creating
a lot more then that!!

we can keep arguing and fighting each other and
fossils our selves,
or we can unite ,
and fight
ignorance,greed and global disrespect.