What we're presently witnessing in the world, as the Arctic swiftly melts and the global money system jumping on the bandwagon, is indicative of the current paradigm of dominance and profit-seeking dismantling itself before our eyes.

Idealism notwithstanding, it presents an invitation to collectively explore investing instead in the already discreetly emerging paradigm of cooperation and resource sharing. Assuming that's so and we have the collective will to survive and continue evolving this would seem a worthwhile invitation to accept now.

If so, paradigm shifts take time and passing through the critical transitional phase en route to the party will inevitably be a bumpy ride. But the bumps will be less jarring if we're able to focus and remain focused on an intended outcome of co-manifesting a global society based on love rather than fear.

And though apparently that's a dreamy, utopian notion in light of our historically immature, dominating and destructive collective behaviour, it does appear to be the only viable option in terms of what to intend and visualize and so eventually bring into being, if at all cherishing the notion of us, our children, their children and maybe even their children living in a beautiful world.

A world driven by love rather than fear, or at least by a preponderance of love over fear, would comprise and enable developing the requisite sustainable technologies, fuel sources, and methods of husbanding and distributing food, water and material resources so that everyone had enough of everything and no one had to starve, be deprived of healthcare or sleep in the cold. It is practically possible yet would require us to also develop the willingness to trust each other and the ability to negotiate fairly with well-developed holistically focused minds, thinking collectively from the heart rather than from a profit-based personal or group agenda-driven mindset.

It would in fact happen as a natural consequence of individual evolution from the personal profit agenda fear-based mindset to the collective good, love-based mindset already occurring in greater and greater numbers of people, thus producing a collective evolutionary effect.

The evolutionary key lies within each of us as individuals and comprises a willingness to relinquish dominance of the fear-based front-brain mind in making our choices from moment to moment and instead give sway to the love-based, midbrain, heart-connected mind to guide us.

Wish: May your heart guide you along a path of a million miracles as your adventure unfolds from here (and BO win the election).

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