Just to let you know, I have started on a project to exhibit some of my (before it's retrospective) and other members of my family's art work. I've been musing on it for a while, and am starting at tangerine tree in the front blue room for October.

So if you are in town sometime maybe pop in and check it out, would love your feedback. And if anyone has any ideas of other suitable places to exhibit please let me know.

The pic below is one of Sams:

Dear the Base Eco Arts Collective,

Thank you so much for your donation of £200.00 raised through your Bob Marley Birthday Tribute One Love Party towards Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) Haiti Appeal. I am so grateful that you have chosen to support us through this crisis, and as we move beyond the emergency phase. At the time the earthquake hit, MSF were already present in Haiti with teams based in Port-au-Prince. In the first 72 hours, these teams treated over 1,500 critically wounded people. Most of the patients were treated in four tents, which were set up near the badly damaged buildings we used to work in. These included our health centre in Martissant slum, the Trinité trauma centre and the Maternité Solidarité hospital.

Our teams are finding it extremely difficult to move around the city because of the damaged infrastructure; however we have been able to reach the most affected areas and are now working in twenty six locations and running 4 mobile clinics. Despite transport problems, we have managed to bring in 348 international volunteers and more than 1,000 tons of relief material with more on the way. Our teams include surgeons, anaesthetists, nephrologists (kidney specialists) and psychologists and we now have over 3,000 volunteers and national staff working to provide emergency medical care to the earthquake survivors. We have successfully set up an inflatable hospital which has two operating rooms, among other facilities.