• To empower and enable the emergence of a culture based on respect, co-operation and peace, by using our passion for nature, diversity and creative expression.
  • To design and build a low impact creative arts community. Where people can come to learn practical re-skilling for sustainability longside creative arts practices, communication skills, and spiritual enquiry.
  • To establish a permacultural, educational, centre of inspiration and celebration, primarily youth focused, which integrates and incorporatethe skills, wisdom and teachings of the elders.
  • To create a template that can be easily replicated.

Base Eco Arts Collective aims and objectives

To Raise Awareness, Inspire and Empower people , particularly the young.
(RAIE of hope )

Specific Aims
  • To practise and educate in the specific areas of ..
       Environment and ecology
       Creative expression./the Arts
       Social Organisation/multicultural/intergenerational.
  • To increase the connection between people and the natural environment.
  • To improve the environment and reduce waste.
  • To increase motivation, confidence and self esteem
  • To improve knowledge of health and nutrition.
  • To improve physical, mental and emotional health.
  • To increase levels of emotional literacy/and develop a language of peace.
  • To improve understanding and respect between the generations and cross culturally.
  • To create meaningful employment.
  • To reduce levels of dependancy on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.


  • to create a residential permaculture project ,
  • providing affordable low impact homes
  • To provide a diverse range of practical training courses.
  • To run educational camps on the land.
  • To provide some supported living opportunities.
  • To create community events.
  • To provide opportunities for intergenerational and cross cultural activity.
  • To set up fledgling eco-businesses.